Research Article

A Novel -72 (T→A) β-Promoter Mutation Causing Slightly Elevated HbA2 in a Vietnamese Heterozygote

Table 1

Tabulated details of PCR conditions.

Primer pairTarget regionMgCl2 (mM)dNTPs (μM)Thermal conditions

β1-β2HBB (5′ UTR to exon 2)3.5250(94°C-65°C-72°C) × 35 cycles
β7-β8HBB (exon 2 to IVS 2)3.0250(94°C-60°C-72°C) × 35 cycles
β9-β10HBB (IVS 2 to 3′ UTR)1.5250(94°C-55°C-72°C) × 35 cycles
β_KpnI-β _XhoIHBB (promoter)4.0300(94°C-66°C-72°C) × 35 cycles
HS2_BamHI-HS2_SalIβ-LCR (HS2)4.0200(94°C-64°C-72°C) × 35 cycles

Each thermal profile was preceded by a denaturation of 94°C for 3 min and followed by an additional extension of 74°C for 4 min.