Research Article

Effect of Dietary Chestnut or Quebracho Tannin Supplementation on Microbial Community and Fatty Acid Profile in the Rumen of Dairy Ewes

Figure 1

Canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) ordination diagram of ruminal bacterial communities and ruminal fatty acids variables [(a) FA assumed to be mainly implicated in BH process (SA, 18:0; VA, 18:1 trans11; VLA, 18:1 trans11, cis15; LA; LNA; RA); (b) FA assumed to be markers of rumen microbial metabolism (15:0 iso; 15:0 ante; 17:0 iso; 17:0 ante)] (vectors) defined by the first and second axes. DGGE band scores were also plotted (black filled circle). For each diagram significance (global test) is reported in upper right side.