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Physical and Physiological Demands of Recreational Team Handball for Adult Untrained Men

Table 1

Activity profile of recreational team handball players during the match (means ± SD). Freq: frequency; FR: fast running; Back: backwards movement; SideMed: sideways medium-intensity movement; SideHigh: sideways high-intensity movement; intensity categories: high (sum of fast running, sprinting, and sideways high-intensity movement); low (sum of standing still, walking, jogging, backwards, and sideways medium-intensity movement); unorthodox movements (sum of backwards, sideways medium-intensity, and sideways high-intensity movement); significantly different from high-intensity movements.

Locomotor categoriesIntensity categoriesUnorthodox movements

Freq (N)
Freq (%)
Mean duration (s)
Mean distance (m)
Fraction of total time (%)
Fraction of total distance (%)
Total time (s)
Total distance covered (m)