Table 1: Prevalence and intensity of gastrointestinal parasites found in 103 cats in Thika region, Kenya.

Number of infected catsPrevalence (%)
95% CI
Mean EPG

Isospora spp.4543.7 (40.4–47)ND
Cryptosporidium spp.4240.8 (37.5–44.1)ND
Toxoplasma gondii87.8 (4.5–11.1)ND
Entamoeba spp.32.9 (1.5–6.2)ND
54.9 (1.5–8.2)ND
Strongyloides stercoralis4543.7 (40.4–47)638
Toxocara cati2423.3 (20–26.6)1027
 Hookworms (Ancylostoma spp.)109.7 (6.4–13)417
Dipylidium caninum98.7 (5.4–12)389
Acanthocephalan spp. 21.9 (1–4.2)800

EPG: eggs per gram of faeces, ND: not done, : toxoplasma-like oocysts (T. gondii negative by PCR) of uncertain aetiology, and 95%: 95% confidence interval.