BioMed Research International / 2017 / Article / Fig 3

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Vitamin D Modulates Hematological Parameters and Cell Migration into Peritoneal and Pulmonary Cavities in Alloxan-Diabetic Mice

Figure 3

Renal tissue of mice. Photomicrograph of the mice kidney tissue. C1, C2, and C3 renal tissue of animal control; CV1, CV2, and CV3 renal tissue of animal supplemented with vitamin D; D1, D2, and D3 renal tissue of diabetic animal; DV1, DV2, and DV3 renal tissue of diabetic animal supplemented with vitamin D. Diabetic animals presented thickening of Bowman’s capsule (C). Presence of glomerulus (G) (bars, C1, CV1, D1, and DV1 = 100 μm; C2, CV2, D2, and DV2 = 50 μm; C3, CV3, D3, and DV3 = 10 μm). Staining: H/E.