Table 1: The summary of sequence reads from RNA sequencing analysis.

SampleAll readsMouse (mm9)Human (GRCh37)Mouse + human
ReadsRate (%)ReadsRate (%)ReadsRate (%)

Control brain #145,164,44541,441,70291.80%123,2450.30%41,564,94792.00%
Control brain #244,699,34141,642,34493.20%136,2000.30%41,778,54494.00%
231-Luc meta(+) brain #145,875,68439,903,99287.00%2,601,7965.70%42,505,78892.70%
231-Luc meta(+) brain #247,065,22137,107,39478.80%5,180,34711.00%42,287,74189.80%
Control bone marrow44,354,30842,972,23696.90%402,4880.90%43,374,72497.80%
231-Luc meta(+) bone marrow45,782,56841,998,05491.70%1,112,7492.40%43,110,80394.20%
231-Luc fat pad tumor43,374,72482,230,79518.80%31,246,34471.40%39,477,13990.30%

Data are shown for the brain of control mice injected with PBS (#1, #2), the brain of mice with metastases formed by 231-Luc cells (#1, #2), bone marrow of a control mouse injected with PBS, bone marrow of a mouse injected with 231-Luc cells, and a primary fat pad tumor formed by 231-Luc cells.