Table 3: Factor analysis for bullying instrument.

Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO).948Relevant to person
Approx. Chi-Square10232.051
Sig. (0.000) < 0.005
Bartlett’s sphericity: 10232.051;
Cronbach’s value of NAQ-R0.921
Factor loadings≥.40≥.40≥.40
Cronbach’s alpha0.880.790.70
Q1. Did anyone at your workplace hide information from you which you believe would affect your success?0.618
Q2. Have you ever been insulted or humiliated regarding your performance?0.613
Q4. Have you ever been assigned insignificant, unwanted and undesirable tasks other than those which are your own responsibility and your task?0.672
Q5. Did anyone ever spread an unfounded rumor about you, or gossip about you?0.578
Q6. Have you ever felt that you were ignored or excluded, or that you were treated as if you were worthless?0.758
Q7. Have you ever been insulted regarding your personality, your attitudes, your private life or your values?0.664
Q8. Have you ever been exposed to unfounded sudden anger or fury at the workplace? Have you ever been yelled at for no reason?0.516
Q10. Has it ever been implied that you should quit the job?0.589
Q12. Have you ever been ignored, neglected or mistreated by your co-workers?0.687
Q13. Were your work activities or projects subjected to unfounded criticism?0.483
Q14. Have you ever felt that your ideas and opinions were neglected?0.542
Q3. Have you ever been forced to perform duties beneath your experience, capacity and education level? Were you ever asked to do such work?0.533
Q11. Have you ever been reminded of your previous mistakes in respect of the job?0.472
Q16. Have you ever been asked to perform unreasonable or time-limited tasks that are impossible to complete?0.814
Q18. Have you ever been subjected to excessive supervision beyond the normal standards?0.583
Q19. Have you ever had a heavy workload that you could not manage?0.522
Q21. Have you ever been forced into not claiming your legal rights (annual leave, sick leave, travelling expenses etc.)?0.824
Q9. Did anyone ever make a threatening gesture towards you? Or have you ever been pushed, physically blocked or exposed to other such physical behaviors?0.538
Q15. Have you ever been exposed to undesired “fun and games” by people you have problem with?0.435
Q17. Have you ever experienced serious denunciation, accusations or incrimination?0.526
Q20. Have you ever been exposed to derisive conversations, verbal abuse or sarcasm?0.481
Q22. Have you ever experienced ill-treatment or physical or sexual harassment?0.724