Table 1: Effects of GA on body and organ weight in rats with DMN-induced liver fibrosis (n = 8).

Weight (g)

Group I control442.38± 16.72 a15.58±0.90 a2.85±0.15 a1.09±0.09 a
Group II DMN383.08±9.24 bc12.81±0.45 b2.44±0.09 b0.98±0.05 a
Group III silymarin 100 (mg/kg)368.78±12.94 b11.66±0.74 b2.46±0.13 b0.99±0.07 a
Group IV GA 25 (mg/kg)399.90±7.14 c14.01±0.68 ab2.64±0.10 ab1.12±0.04 a
Group V GA 50 (mg/kg)384.88±8.03 bc12.66±0.45 b2.47±0.09 b1.11±0.06 a
Group VI GA 100 (mg/kg)361.94±10.38 b12.03±0.40 b2.45±0.09 b1.02±0.05 a

Values are Mean ± SEM., “a, b, c” means values in the same column with different letters are significantly different from each other (p<0.05).