Table 2: Natural products that decrease inflammation in in vivo model of ALI/ARDS.

Natural productIsolationStudy performed

HonokiolComponent of the genus MagnoliaMice [31]
ISOFColeus forskohlii native of YunnanMice, rats [32]
SophorolipidFermentation of Candida bombicolaRats [33]
CAPEExtract of propolisRats [34]
RuscogeninRuscus aculeatusMice [35]
Bark extract of Bathysa cuspidataBathysa cuspidata (A. St.-Hil.) Hook f.Rats [36]
CJTHerbal remedyMice [37]

CAPE, caffeic acid phenethyl ester; CJT, Callicarpa japonica Thunb; ISOF, isoforskolin.