Figure 3: A 46-year-old female with a poorly differentiated adult fibrosarcoma. (a, b) Sagittal T1WI and T2WI exhibited a lobulated long T1 and mixed T2 signal mass in the right plantar deep fascia, with band-like areas of long T1 and short T2 signal (black arrows in (a) and (b)) indicating tumor fibrous septa. (c, d) Axial fat suppressed FSE T2WI and DWI show mixed signals, with more nodular short T2 signals (black arrow in (c)). The high lesion signal on DWI indicated dense cellularity. (e, f) Reformatted coronal images of soft tissue and axial bone images displaying an iso-attenuating soft tissue mass, with a slightly higher density small nodule (white arrow in (e)) and partial bone destruction (arrow heads in (f)).