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Review Article

Effect of Stains on LDL Reduction and Liver Safety: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Table 1

The characteristic of the 16 RCTs included in our study.

Study Year Age Male (%)Statin typeDose (mg) Duration (year)Compliance

Keech et al.19944156385Simvastatin203.493%
Salonen et al.199542457100Pravastatin403.292%
Herd et al.19974295981Fluvastatin402.590%
Patrick et al.200216776084Fluvastatin803.997%
Downs et al.199866055885Lovastatin305.299%
Shepherd et al.1995659555100Pravastatin404.970%
Pedersen et al.199444445981Simvastatin275.499%
Sacks et al.199641595986Pravastatin405.090%
Shepherd et al.200258047548Pravastatin403.286%
Armitage et al.2009205366483Simvastatin405.085%
Bays et al.200415265548Simvastatin600.2590%
Baigent et al.20054485379Simvastatin201.080%
Furberg et al.19949196252Lovastatin302.895%
Newman et al.200828386268Atorvastatin103.990%
Bradford et al.199182455659Lovastatin801.097%