Table 1: The therapeutic effect of different source of MSCs in experimental IBD and CAC with different engineering treatments.

SourceEngineering treatmentsInfusion methodOutcomeReference

1M-ADMSCsmacrophagesIP↓ mortality and weight loss, inflammatory cytokines[24]

2H-GMSCsAcetylsalicylic Acid↓ disease phenotypes[59]

3M-BMMSCsAspirinIV↓DAI and colonic inflammation[45]

4H-UCB-MSCsDNA methyltransferase↑ therapeutic effect of MSCs[51]

5R-BMMSCsG-CSFIV↓ DAI, MPO activity, serum TNF-a and NF-κB p65[60]

6H-ADMSCsHCB platelet lysateenema↓ colitis scores, inflamed area and inflammatory mediators.[61]

7M-BMMSCsHeparinIV↓ mortality,weight loss, inflammation reaction and tissue injury[62]

8H-UCMSCsIFN-γ overexpressionIV↓ the ease of body weight,↑ colon length, ↓DAI, and↑ small intestine tissues structure[49]

9M-BMMSCsInhibition of Gal-3IP↑ therapeutic potential[63]

10M-BMMSCsInsulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 7IV and IP↓ clinical and histopathological severity[64]

11H-BMMSCsknocking down let-7aIV↑ therapeutic potential[65]

12H-BMMSCslow doses of ultraviolet radiation and X-rays↑ the effect of radiotherapy in CRC[66]

13M-BMMSCsMicroRNA Let-7a KnockdownIV↓ mortality, ↓ weight loss,↓ inflammation reaction,↓ tissue lesion[65]

14R-ADMSCsmiR-1236 knock downenema↓ inflammation markers [23]

15Microvesicles M-BMSCsmiR-200b overexpressionIV↑ the colon fibrosis histologically[67]

16M-BMMSCsmiR-21 KnockdownIV↑ colonic inflammation in a TGF-b1-dependent manner[48]

17R-BMMSCsOver-expression CXCR4IV↓ both clinical and microanatomical severity of colitis[50]

18H-UCMSCsPoly (I:C)IP↑ clinical and pathological manifestations[68]

19M-BMMSCsPoly(I:C)IP↓ the pathologic severity[69]

20H-UCMSCspoly(I:C) and LPSIP↓ clinical signs of disease, colon shortening and histological disease[53]

21R/H-BMMSCsmelatoninIV↑ therapeutic effect[55]

22M-BMMSCsspheroid formationIntraluminal↓ body weight loss and ↓ DAI[57]

23H-BMSCsSpheroidal formationIPsimplify long-distance transportation and ↑ therapeutic application[56]

24BMMSCstransfect with sodium iodide symporterIV↓ tumor growth and ↑ overall survival[66]

25R-BMMSCsTregsIV↓clinical and histopathologic severity[10]

26M-BMMSCsTregs cellIV↑ body weight and ↑ colon morphology[70]

M, mouse; H, human; R, rat; IP, intraperitoneal injection; IV, intravenous injection; NEC, necrotising enterocolitis.