Table 1: Clinical studies using different laser devices for the treatment of UI/GSM.

Author(s)Laser typePrimary goalStudy typeNOutcomeFollow-up (months)

Fistonic I, et al. [52] 2012Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs393.316
Fistonic N, et al. [15] 2015Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs7351, 38.326
Fistonic I, et al. [11] 2015Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs315.11, 32.526
Ogrinc BU, et al. [17] 2015Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUI/MUIObs1754.74, 62212
Gambacciani M, et al. [19] 2015Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUI/VVAObs196.41, 113,6
Leshunov E, et al. [21] 2015Er:YAGSUIObs37531
Khalafalla MM, et al. [53] 2015Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs506
Pardo J, et al. [20] 2016Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs4281, 38.126
Tien YW, et al. [18] 2016Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUI/OABObs35125, 5026
Pitsouni E, et al. [25] 2016CO2GSM/SUIObs354.714
Perino A, et al.[31] 2016CO2OABObs301
Isaza GP, et al. [24] 2017CO2SUIObs1617.5136
Gaspar A, et al. [45] 2017Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs22101, 4626
Lin YH, et al. [34] 2017Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUI/OABObs304.513
Lapii GA, et al. [10] 2017Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs98Histology2
Neimark AI, et al. [22] 2018Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs987322
Blaganje M, et al. [23] 2018Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIRCT11441, 2123
Gaspar A, et al. [46] 2018Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs294.91, 143, 4526
Fistonic I, et al. [27] 2018Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs851936
Gambacciani M, et al. [19] 2018Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUI/GSMObs1144.2112
Okui N [51] 2018Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIPro50111, 31312
Pardo Shanz J, et al. [54] 2018Er:YAG diodeSUIPro1981, 26.323
Samuels JB, et al. [55] 2019CO2GSM/SUIObs2565212
Lin YH, et al. [56] 2019Er:YAG SMOOTH®SUIObs413.51, 7.13, 36.626

SUI, Stress Urinary Incontinence; MUI, Mixed Urinary Incontinence; OAB, Overactive Bladder; VVA, Vulvo-Vaginal Atrophy; GSM, Genito-urinary Syndrome of Menopause.
ICIQ-UI, International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire-Urinary Incontinence Short Form; ISI, Incontinence Severity Index; KHQ, King’s Health Questionnaire; PIFQ-7, Pelvic Floor Impact Questionnaire; OAB-Q SF, Overactive Bladder Questionnaire Short Form; Obs, Observational; RCT, randomized controlled trial; Pro, Prospective Outcomes.
1: Mean ICIQ score reduction; 2: percentage of the continent after follow-up; 3: mean pad test weight reduction (g); 4: mean ISI score reduction; 5: Mean KHQ (King’s Health Questionnaire) score reduction.