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A Review on Role of Microbiome in Obesity and Antiobesity Properties of Probiotic Supplements

Table 2

Effects of probiotic supplementation on obese-experimental animal model.

Model systemInterventionDose and durationResultsConclusionsRef.

Diet-induced obesity mice modelLactobacillus rhamnosus PB01 (DSM 14870)1 × 109 CFU per day for 4 weeks↑ Serum testosterone, FSH and LH levels.
↑ Sperm kinetics
↑ Highly active motile sperm level.
↓ Non-motile sperm count.
DSM 14870 supplementation increased sperm kinetics and amount of active motile sperm in diet-induced obese mice.[49]

Diet-induced obesity mice modelL. rhamnosus and ultrasound1 × 108 CFU per
day for 8 weeks
↓ Body weight, total body fat.
↓ Thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer.
Improved the plasma lipid profile.
L. rhamnosus supplementation with ultrasound treatment effectively reduced the fat content and improved lipid profile in diet-induced obese mice.[50]

High-energy-diet-fed ratsL. reuteri 2632.1 × 109 CFU per kg per day for 8 weeks or 1.05 ×1010 CFU per kg per day for 8 weeks↑ Proinflammatory factors and antioxidant enzymes.
↑ Oxygen consumption.
↑ Expression of genes associated with thermogenesis, glucose and lipid metabolism.
L. reuteri 263 supplementation improved the obese condition via remodeling of energy metabolism in the high-energy-diet fed rat model.[51]

High-fat diet ratL. plantarum and L. fermentum1 × 108 CFU per day for 8 weeks↓ Fat vehicle sizes, liver steatosis, endotoxin, IL-6 level
Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium content.
Probiotic supplementation altered the microbiota and inflammatory system in the high-fat-diet fed rat model.[52]

High-fat-diet-induced obese miceSoy-based probiotic drink
(B. longum ATCC15707 and Enterococcus faecium CRL183)
1 × 108 CFU per day for 70 days↓ IL-6, IL-10.
↓ Size of adipocytes, Body weight gain.
Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus content.
Probiotic soy drink positively regulated the intestinal microbiota and immune profile of the high-fat-diet induced obese mice model.[53]

High-fat-diet induced obese ratProbiotic formula
(L. rhamnosus LR5, L. acidophilus LA1, S. thermophilus ST3, B. longum BG7, B. lactis BL3, and B. bifidum BF3)
1 × 107 CFU per day for 8 weeks↓ Body weight
Lactobacillus, Bacteroidetes, and
Bifidobacterium content.
Improved the serum level metabolic profile.
Probiotic supplementation diminished the consequences of high-fat-diet induced obesity in the high-fat-diet induced obese rat model.[54]

↑: Increased; ↓: Reduced; LH: Luteinizing hormone; FSH: Follicle-stimulating hormone; IL-6: Interleukin-6.