Research Article

Arsenic Trioxide Suppresses Tumor Growth through Antiangiogenesis via Notch Signaling Blockade in Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Figure 2

As2O3 and Notch inhibitor inhibited tumor angiogenesis and the Notch pathway in NCI-H69 xenografts. (a) As2O3 and DAPT decreased the number of normal microvessel structures. Xenograft sections were immunostained with anti-CD31 antibody, which colored the endothelial cells brown. Scale bars, 50 μm. (b) Quantification of microvessel density (average of microvessels per field) in each group. (c) Western blot analysis demonstrated the effect of As2O3 and DAPT treatment on the expression of Dll4, Notch1, and Hes1 at the protein level. Columns, mean; error bars, SD. , .