Research Article

Calcium Fluxes in Work-Related Muscle Disorder: Implications from a Rat Model

Figure 2

Sensorimotor behavioral test results across weeks. (a) Maximum reflexive grip strength showed decreased grip strength in both the HRHF rat reach limbs (HRHF-RL) and HRHF-SL in week 6, compared to week 0 levels. (b) Forelimb agility/discomfort was tested using a forehead sticker removal test and showed a reduced ability (or reduced willingness to participate) in HRHF-RL in task week 0 through 6, compared to naïve and food restricted control (FRC)-R limbs. (c) Forepaw mechanical sensitivity was tested using 0.4 g von Frey filaments and revealed increased numbers of forepaw withdrawal responses (indicative of increased sensitivity) in week 3 after stimulation with the filament in HRHF-RL and HRHF-SL, compared to FRC-R and FRC-L, respectively, and an increase in week 6 in HRHF-RL, compared to FRC-R. (d) The HRHF rats showed higher incidence of spontaneous behaviors indicative of discomfort in task week 6 than week 1. and and , compared to week 1; and and , compared to age-matched FRC rats; , compared to week 0; mean ± SEM shown.