Figure 2: Effects of high glucose on mineralization of SCAPs. (a) ALP activity of SCAPs cultured in 25 mmol/L group was higher than those in 5 mmol/L group at days 3 and 7. Values were presented as means ┬▒ SD, n = 6 P < 0.01. (b) Alizarin red staining showed that the calcified nodules formed in uninduced media (without mineralized media) has no significant difference between 25 mmol/L group and control group. However, SCAPs in 25 mmol/L group produced more calcified nodules than those in 5 mmol/L group, when cultured in the mineralize-induced media. (c) Quantitative calcium assay demonstrated the higher calcium deposition in 25 mmol/L group as compared with that in 5 mmol/L group. Data were presented as means┬▒ SD, n = 3. P < 0.01.