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How to Evaluate Acne in Reproductive-Age Women: An Epidemiological Study in Chinese Communities

Table 3

The women’s nonstaple foodstuff and exercise habit in the acne and nonacne group.

Dessert %(n)Fried food %(n)Exercise %(n)

Acne group22.2%(77)63.7%(221)14.1%(49)15.6%(54)68.9%(239)15.5%(54)55.6%(193)44.4%(154)0
Non-acne group17.9%(125)71.3%(496)10.8% (75)14.5%(101)72.9%(508)12.5%(87)45.7%(318)54.2%(377)0.1%(1)

Data are shown as rates and were analyzed by χ2 test. P<0.05.