Research Article

Adherence to Antiplatelet Therapy after Coronary Intervention among Patients with Myocardial Infarction Attending Vietnam National Heart Institute

Table 1

Adherence to antiplatelet therapy.

Variables (n = 175)n (%)

Adherence to medication during a last month
 Adherence124 (70.86)
 No adherence51 (29.14)
Actions when forgot medicine (n=51)
 Did not forget124 (70.86)
 Double dose on next day0 (0.00)
 Continue to take medicine at usual doses and report to doctor1 (0.57)
 Contact doctor47 (26.86)
 Do not continue to take medicine2 (1.14)
 By appointment155 (88.57)
 Not by appointment20 (11.43)
Seeking information on myocardial infarction before visiting hospital
 Yes167 (95.43)
 No8 (4.57)
Knowledge of disease cause
 Genetics84 (50.30)
 Lifestyle48 (28.74)
 Others35 (20.96)
Having consultation with a doctor before surgery and before leaving hospital
 Yes167 (95.43)
 No8 (4.57)
Understanding the doctors’ explanation
 <50%22 (12.57)
 ≥50%153 (87.43)