Research Article

Adherence to Antiplatelet Therapy after Coronary Intervention among Patients with Myocardial Infarction Attending Vietnam National Heart Institute

Table 2

Univariate logistic regression of factors associated with adherence to therapy.

VariablesOR (95%CI)

Age group
 ≥ 601
 31 – 601.40 (0.63-3.09)
 Male1.26 (0.56-2.82)
Education level
 Intermediate, high school or lower1
 College, university or higher1.60 (0.76-3.36)
 Farmer, informal worker1
 Officer, retired, student1.9 (0.84-4.27)
Income per month ($1≈22,000VND)
 ≥ 6.000.000VND (≥$272)1
 > 6.000.000VND (<$272)1.13 (0.53-2.41)
Distance to hospital
 ≥ 50km1
 < 50km2.74 (1.15-6.64)
Taking medicine
 Irregularly follow the instructions1
 Regularly follow the instructions1.07 (0.37-3.10)
Knowledge of medicine effect
 Don’t know1
 Know2.74 (1.23-6.11)
Knowledge of time to take medicine
 Don’t know1
 Know2.02 (0.88-4.67)
Knowledge of consequences when forgetting to take medicine
 Don’t know1
 Know2.90 (0..95-8.90)
 Not on time1
 On time1.53 (0.42-5.58)
Knowledge to handle when forget to take medicine
 Don’t know1
 Know2.37 (0.91-6.17)
Understanding the doctors’ explanations
 ≤ 50 %1
 >50 %1.54 (0.55-4.28)