Research Article

Imperatorin Suppresses Anaphylactic Reaction and IgE-Mediated Allergic Responses by Inhibiting Multiple Steps of FceRI Signaling in Mast Cells: IMP Alleviates Allergic Responses in PCA

Figure 1

IMP alleviated the anti-DNP IgE-mediated ear histology and ear swelling. Mice were divided into the Con, IgE+Ag, and IgE+Ag+IMP (15, 30, and 60mg/kg) groups. (a-b) Ear section was stained with the H&E and toluidine blue staining (200× magnification). (c) Ear thickness was measured with the dial thickness gauge. (d) The number of mast cells at the dermis was counted. Compared with the Con group, P<0.05, ∗∗P<0.01; compared with the IgE+Ag group, #P<0.05, ##P<0.01.