Research Article

Wnt Signaling Protects against Paclitaxel-Induced Spiral Ganglion Neuron Damage in the Mouse Cochlea In Vitro

Figure 5

Wnt signaling promoted SGN survival after paclitaxel-induced damage. (a) The diagram of the assay for (b) and (c). The middle-turn cochlear SGN explants from P3 WT mice were treated with 30 μM paclitaxel, 30 μM paclitaxel together with a Wnt agonist (10 μg/ml RS-1), or 30 μM paclitaxel together with a Wnt antagonist (10 μM IWP-2) for 48 h. (b and c) Tuj 1 staining (green) showed that the Pac + RS-1 group had significantly more surviving SGNs than the paclitaxel-only group, while in the Pac + IWP-2 group there were significantly fewer surviving SGNs compared to the paclitaxel-only group. , .