Figure 5: Effect of CPA, EGTA, and ARL on the dynamic calcium responses. The figure shows the effects of the Incorporation of 10 μM CPA (left column), 100 μM EGTA (middle column), or 50 μM ARL (right column) on TFP (○), Amp (), V (△), and NP (□). For these parameters, the plots display the average differences between the treatments and the corresponding controls (∆TFP, ∆Amp, ∆V, and ∆NP) and their standard deviations (for each determination n = 3). Within each experiment all of the values were normalized with respect to the highest one. Filled symbols represent values with significant difference with respect to control (p<0.05). The average total number of analyzed cells was: 418 for CPA, 459 for EGTA, and 701 for ARL.