Research Article

PPAR-γ Mediates Ta-VNS-Induced Angiogenesis and Subsequent Functional Recovery after Experimental Stroke in Rats

Figure 2

Lentiviruses were successfully transfected into neurons and reduced the expression of PPAR-γ; the neuroprotective effect induced by ta-VNS is reduced by PPAR-r silencing. (a) Fluorescent images of FLAG (green) in the right cortex 14 d after injection (). (b, c) Western blot images and statistical histogram of PPAR-γ expression with LV-siPPAR-γ injection 28 d after MCAO/R. , compared to the I/R+LV-control group. (d, e) The mNSS and adhesive-removal somatosensory tests were performed before surgery and 14 and 28 d after MCAO/R ( vs sham+LV-control group, vs I/R+LV-control group, and vs I/R+ta-VNS+LV-control group).