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Level of Preparedness for COVID-19 and Its Associated Factors among Frontline Healthcare Providers in South Gondar Public Hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia, 2020: A Multicenter Cross-Sectional Study

Table 2

Level preparedness and readiness for COVID-19 among frontline healthcare providers in South Gondar public hospitals, northwest Ethiopia, 2020.

Completed (, %)In Progress/not started (, %)

Education/training about COVID-19 infection control and update police as required?87 (43.1)115 (56.9)
Informational materials (e.g., brochures and posters) on COVID-19?123 (60.9)79 (39.1)
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer for hand hygiene is available in every patient room?48 (23.8)154 (76.2)
PPE available immediately outside of the patient room is provided67 (33.2)135 (66.8)
Ensuring safety in working place83 (41.1)119 (58.9)
Readiness to implement ever standard precautions142 (70.3)60 (19.3)
Activities to prevent COVID-19 transmission to family members73 (36.1)129 (63.9)
Readiness for caring for febrile patients119 (58.9)83 (41.1)
Readiness of self away from family members107 (53.0)95 (47.0)
Readiness for caring COVID-19-infected patients85 (42.1)117 (57.9)
Readiness overwhelmed with the new COVID-1994 (46.5)108 (53.5)
Readiness for telling family and friends if infected with COVID-1981 (40.1)121 (59.9)
Readiness for caring COVID-19-infected patients if their colleagues are infected with COVID-1977 (38.1)125 (61.9)
The readiness of the institution to support healthcare providers91 (45.0)111 (55.0)
Readiness COVID-19 crisis that increased workload96 (47.5)106 (52.5)
Proper infection control training has been given131 (64.9)71 (35.1)
Support from your team members121 (59.9)81 (40.1)
Redness that might eventually get COVID-19 at work78 (38.6)124 (61.4)
Determine a contingency staffing plan?63 (31.2)139 (68.8)
Designate a point of contact for the healthcare union?59 (29.2)143 (70.8)
Designate a point of contact for the family members?45 (22.3)157 (77.7)
The overall level of preparedness
Good89 (44.1)
Poor113 (55.9)