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Behavioural Neurology
Volume 27, Issue 3, Pages 285-286
Clinical Note

Topiramate for Abnormal Eating Behaviour in Frontotemporal Dementia

Colin Singam,1 Mark Walterfang,1,2 Ramon Mocellin,1,2 Andrew Evans,1,2 and Dennis Velakoulis1,2

1Neuropsychiatry Unit, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia
2Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Received 29 March 2013; Accepted 29 March 2013

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Topiramate is a sulfamate-substituted monosaccharide anticonvulsant that is associated with anorexia and weight loss and has been used to treat binge eating disorder and bulimia nervosa. This report describes a man with frontotemporal dementia, behavioural variant, associated with abnormal eating behaviour which appeared to respond to topiramate. We review the physiological basis of abnormal eating behaviour in frontotemporal dementia and explore possible mechanisms of action by which topiramate may modify eating behaviour in this condition.