Table 1: Demographic data of participants ().

IDSex Age
Handedness Age of diagnosis
ParturitionConventional treatment
MedicationBehavioral therapy

1Male6Left24C-sectionPN, RL, RDDS, ST
3Male5Right36NaturalDS, OT
4Male5Right31C-sectionDS, OT
5Male7Right24C-sectionRDDS, OT
6Male5Left32C-sectionDS, OT, AS (horse)
7Male6Left36NaturalDS, OT, ST
8Male6Left34NaturalDS, OT, ST
9Male8Right26C-sectionDS, OT, ST
10Male5Right24NaturalRDDS, ST
11Male7Right18Natural DS, ST
12Male6Right35NaturalDS, OT, ST
13Male6Left35C-sectionDS, ST
14Male6Left29NaturalRDDS, ST
15Male8Right38C-sectionDS, ST
16Male7Right20C-sectionDS, OT, ST
17Male8Left40NaturalDS, ST
18Male7Right36C-sectionRDDS, OT, ST
19Male7Right32C-sectionDS, OT, ST
20Male5Left28C-sectionDS, ST

Remark: DS = developmental stimulation, ST = speech therapy, AT = animal assisted therapy, OT = occupational therapy, PN = Pyritinol, RL = Ritalin, RD = Risperidone.