Table 1: A brief summary of some phenomena, mechanisms, or fundamental concepts with studies from humans or from rodents.

Phenomena or mechanismsModelReference

METH and HIV-1Human astrocytes[1619]
Excessive dopamineHumans, rodents[2024]
UPS dysfunctionRodents[2529]
Protein nitrationHuman, rodents[30, 31]
ERSRodents[15, 32, 33]
Expression p53PC12 cells[3436]
Inflammatory molecularRodents[3740]
D3 receptorRodents[41]
Microtubule deacetylationEndothelial cells[42]
MinocyclineHuman, rodents[4347]
Endocannabinoid systemRodents[21]
CytokineRodents[39, 48]
ROCK2 gene therapyPC12 cells[50, 51]