Research Article

Coexistence of Gait Disturbances and Chorea in Experimental Huntington’s Disease

Figure 3

Dynamic gait parameters—(a) the graph shows the average number of steps, comparing transgenic (tgHD) with wild-type (WT) rats. (b) The graph represents the average speed in mm/s of the 9-month-old tgHD versus WT rats. (c) The graph shows the swing speed belongs to 4 paws of tgHD compared with WT rats. (d) The graph shows the step cycles in seconds for the hind paws from the tgHD compared with WT rats. RF: right front paw; LF: left front paw; RH: right hind paw; LH: left hind paw. The values are presented as mean ± standard error of the mean (SEM) and statistically significant difference () is indicated by an ().