Table 1: Summary of demographic and baseline characteristics by intervention therapy.

Demographic and baseline characteristicsTherapist-assisted () X (SD)Robot-assisted () X (SD) value

Mean age (year)56.4 (11.8)44.4 (12.7)0.064
Gender, number (M/F)6/25/20.876
Diagnosis, number (I/H)2/62/50.876
Right side motor impairment, number220.876
Left side motor impairment, number220.876
Both side motor impairment, number430.782
Onset (year)10.5 (5.4)4.8 (0.92)0.021

value represents between-group differences. Requirement for a statistically significant difference: . SD: standard deviation; M: male; F: female; I: ischemic; H: hemorrhagic.