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Research Article

Hand Dexterity Impairment in Patients with Cervical Myelopathy: A New Quantitative Assessment Using a Natural Prehension Movement

Table 3

Correlation coefficients between all parameters using combined data from pre-and postoperative patients ().


1. JOA (motor).31−.47−.63−.28−.06−.21−.32−.11−.15.09
2. JOA (sensory).05−.03−.11−.05.16−.15−.26−.33−.24
3. RT.−.12−.27
4. MT.71−.−.06
5. MGA.13.05.41−.02−.12−.14
6. ToMGA−.−.06
7. PoMGA.27.10.03−.04
8. NMD.27.18.17
9. Grip force (sand).68.44
10. Grip force (suede).80
11. Grip force (silk)

, . JOA: Japanese Orthopedic Association score; RT: reaction time; MT: movement time; MGA: maximum grip aperture; ToMGA: time of maximum grip aperture; PoMGA: position of maximum grip aperture; NMD: normalized movement distance.