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Research Article

Improving Cognitive Function after Traumatic Brain Injury: A Clinical Trial on the Potential Use of the Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality

Table 3

ANOVA decomposition in for all tests/scales.

Degree of freedomMean square value

MoCA1, 98100.82242.76<0.001
HRS-D1, 98129.6054.45<0.001
HRS-A1, 9888.4440.76<0.001
TMT-A1, 98883.4217.35<0.001
TMT-B1, 9820555.6056.78<0.001
TMT B-A1, 987082.2821.21<0.001
VS1, 98571.11943.72<0.001
FAB1, 9852.9260.61<0.001
WEIGL1, 9886.3969.28<0.001

Significant values are in bold. Legend: FAB: Frontal Assessment Battery; HRS-A: Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety; HRS-D: Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression; MoCA: Montreal Cognitive Assessment; TMT-A: Trail Making Test—Form A; TMT-B: Trail Making Test—Form B; TMT B-A: Trail Making Test—Form B-A; VS: Visual Search; WEIGL: Weigl Test.