Figure 2: Expression of RGS5 in ovarian tumors did not significantly reduce the rate of growth, but did increase the overall survival time of mice bearing such tumors. (a) Female athymic nude mice were given intraperitoneal injections of Extracel containing approximately 5 million cells of either HeyA8 MDR pTet Advanced Vector or HeyA8-MDR pTet Dual RGS5 expressing cells per 0.2 μL injection. All mice were monitored for tumor formation and measurements of weight and stomach circumference were routinely taken. The graph plots tumor volume (mm3). (b) Mice bearing HeyA8-MDR pTet Dual RGS5-expressing tumors had a significant increase in survival time (in days, * , compared to their pTet Advanced Vector alone counterparts). (c) Blood was collected from mice at necropsy. The serum-containing fraction was isolated and measured for vascular endothelial growth factor. Results are nonsignificant (ns) between the groups.