Table 4: Proteolytic activity inhibition of the C. s. scutulatus venoms by EDTA.

SnakeInhibition of fibrinogenolysis (peptide cleaved)Inhibition of caseinolysis and fibrinolysisInhibition of hide powder azure hydrolysis

Css28 +a+
Css31 ++
Css36 ++
Css62 NANA
Css64 NANA
Css65 +NA
Css66 +NA
Css67 +NA
Css68 ++
Css69 +NA
Css71 ++
Css74 ++
Css75 +NA

+ indicates that the activity was inhibited 100% by EDTA.
Not applicable due to the lack of activity when not treated with EDTA (refer to Table 3).