Figure 8: Effects of penetration of the different peptides to DPPC and DPPG monolayers on surface pressure ( ); The values measured under the stationary diffusion conditions after 60 min. contacts are plotted as a function of logarithm of peptide concentration. The initial surface pressure ( ) of DPPC monolayers was in the range of 27.3 ± 0.3 mN m−1 and of DPPG—30.3 ± 0.3 mN m−1 (typical of density of biomembranes). The straight line corresponds to linear fit of the penetration effects of the three peptides to DPPC monolayer: = with  mN m−1 and  mN m−1 per decade of the peptide's concentration ( is of no physicochemical sense, since the results cannot be extrapolated to the extremely low concentrations). The error bars for (±0.5 mN m−1, at maximum) and for concentration (±5%), omitted herein for the sake of lucidity, correspond to diameter of the point mark.