Table 4: Sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, and diagnostic odds ratios using the highest values of all biomarkers within the first 24 hrs of ICU admission.

SensitivitySpecificityPPVNPVDOR (95% CI)

CRP cut-off value 50 μg/mL88%23%45%71%2.1 (0.6–7.3)
PCT cut-off value 2 ng/mL97%80%78%97%120.6 (14.4–1006)
PCT cut-off value 10 ng/mL66%93%88%79%26.1 (6.6–103.8)
IL-6 cut-off value 50 pg/mL91%41%53%86%6.7 (1.8–25.4)
LBP cut-off value 30 μg/mL53%91%81%73%11.3 (3.3–39.3)

Sensitivity: percentage of septic patients with positive test.
Specificity: percentage of nonseptic patients with negative test.
PPV (positive predictive value): percentage of test-positive patients with sepsis.
NPV (negative predictive value): percentage of test-negative patients without sepsis.
DOR (diagnostic odds ratio): [sensitivity/(1 − sensitivity)]/[(1 − specificity)/specificity]: the ratio of the odds of disease with a positive test relative to the odds of disease with a negative test.