Child Development Research / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Student Engagement in After-School Programs, Academic Skills, and Social Competence among Elementary School Students

Table 4

Exploratory factor analysis of staff-rated student engagement ( ).

Pattern matrix factor loadingsAcademic/youth development/art engagement DisengagementAthletics engagement

Academic activities
 Pays attention.84.07.04
 Seems interested in the subject.85.08.00
 On task .81.02.05
 Seems to have fun.79−.01.03
 Gets in trouble−.06.86.09
 Seems bored−.03.80.02
Youth development activities
 Pays attention.75.00.14
 Seems interested in the subject.75−.02.10
 On task .74−.07.10
 Seems to have fun.70−.06.12
 Gets in trouble−.06.86.03
 Seems bored.05.85−.06
Athletic/sports/physical activities
 Pays attention.13.10.84
 Seems interested in the subject.01.09.93
 On task .13−.04.80
 Seems to have fun−.04−.04.90
 Gets in trouble−.10.81.09
 Seems bored.34.70−.42
Arts and crafts activities
 Pays attention.85.02−.04
 Seems interested in the subject.85−.01−.10
 On task .82−.08−.10
 Seems to have fun.77−.09−.08
 Gets in trouble−.06.84.05
 Seems bored−.04.79.09