Figure 1: A schematic presentation of the experimental procedures. Inclusion criteria were ≥65 years old, live in the community, and able to comfortably walk at least 150 feet without an assistive device. Exclusion criteria were acute thrombosis, acute inflammation, acute tendinopathy, fresh fractures, gallstones, implants (pacemaker, breast implant, buttock implant, screws, pins, pumps, wires), recent surgery, acute hernia, acute discopathy, acute migraine, fresh wound/scar, epilepsy, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, infectious disease, uncontrolled diabetes, neuromuscular disease, and osteoporosis. Abbreviations: DV, dependent variables; TGUG, timed get up and go; OLST, one-legged stance test; CMJ, counter movement jump; CSR, chair sit and reach.