Table 3: Determination of significant neuroprotective factors associated with risk of cognitive impairment.

Selected neuroprotective factors 95% confidence interval

MCISerum Vitamin D (nmol/L)−0.050.960.920.99<0.0
Telomere Length (kb/diploid genome)−0.030.970.950.99<0.00
BDNF (nmol/L)−0.670.510.300.88<0.0
UASerum Vitamin D (nmol/L)−0.020.980.941.02>0.05
Telomere Length (kb/diploid genome)−0.030.980.960.99<0.0
BDNF (nmol/L)−0.590.560.330.93<0.0

BDNF: brain-derived neurotrophic factor; SA: successful ageing; UA: usual ageing; MCI: mild cognitive impairment. Multinomial Logistic Regression with reference group is successful ageing. ignificant at after being controlled for age, gender, educational level, and smoking status. ignificant at after being controlled for confounding factors: age, gender, educational level, smoking, physical function, and depressive symptoms.