Research Article

Simultaneous EEG-fMRI in Patients with Unverricht-Lundborg Disease: Event-Related Desynchronization/Synchronization and Hemodynamic Response Analysis

Table 1

Patient data.

Subject, Age [yrs], SexDisease duration [yrs]AEDSimplified myoclonus rating

1, 22, f12VPA, TPM, CLZ2
2, 26, f16VPA, CZP2
3, 36, m22VPA, LVT, PB2
4, 25, m14VPA, CZP, piracetam3
5, 49, m34VPA, TPM2
6, 22, f11VPA, LVT, TPM2
7, 24, f12VPA3

AED: antiepileptic drugs; VPA: valproate; TPM: topiramate; CLZ: clobazam; CZP: clonazepam LVT: levetiracetam; PB: phenobarbital. Simplified myoclonous rating [5]: 2: mild myoclonous, interference with fine movements and/or speech, no interference with walking; 3: moderate myoclonous, patient still able to walk without support.