Table 1: Summary of BOLD activations during the first block (0–2 minutes, where 0 is the beginning of the execution of the task); xyz are Talairach coordinates and Max t is the maximum value of the t-statistic in the cluster (P = .05 FDR corrected).

Region Max Volume ( )

Right Cingulate gyrus (anterior division)317348.163204
Left cerebellum−3−70−114.89216
Right insular cortex3911−55.09882
Left insular cortex−458−54.70297
Left lateral occipital cortex, left middle temporal gyrus−45−6421.76153
Left lingual gyrus, Left intracalcarine occipital cortex−6−6743.9345
Right precentral gyrus, right postcentral gyrus−6−16524.0353
Right supramarginal gyrus, right superior temporal gyrus63−34253.8754