Table 1: Number of “no pick-up” trials and the maximum errors 1EE, EE, and 2EE averaged over the group for , , , and conditions. The grey fields show the worst performance: the and altered vision conditions result with much bigger errors compared with the condition errors.

ConditionNumber of “no pick up”Max error 1EE [mm]Max error EE [mm]Max error 2EE [mm]
Day 1Day 5Day 1Day 5Day 1Day 5Day 1Day 5

Normal0 out of 80 (0%)0 out of 80 (0%)
Frontal13 out of 70 (18.6%)0 out of 80 (0%)
Lateral24 out of 65 (36.9%)4 out of 75 (5.3%)
Top10 out of 80 (12.5%)2 out of 90 (2.2%)