Figure 7: Estimation of a duration threshold of significant TANOVA effects. The threshold is estimated for each effect separately. The horizontal axis indicates the duration of continuous epochs with local significances of the TANOVAs below the selected threshold. The vertical axis indicates the probability of encountering a certain effect duration under the null hypothesis. These durations are obtained by “testing” the results of the randomization runs against each other [2, 3]. The red line indicates the chosen threshold for overall significance, in the current case, 𝑃 = . 0 5 . The vertical green line indicates the duration that is longer than ( 1 𝑃 ) percent (in the present case 95%) of all randomly obtained effect durations under the null hypothesis. This threshold can then be applied to the previously obtained TANOVA results. Thresholds have been computed based on the result of the time point-wise sample TANOVA analysis of Figure 8.