Figure 11: Channel identification in a MISO [FIlter]-[ASDM] circuit using multiple I/O pairs. (a) An input triplet signal is bandlimited to 100 Hz. The order of the space . (b) Biased aggregate output of the channel in response to the triplet . (c) Integrator output (blue) is compared against two thresholds and (dashed red). Trigger times of the noninverting Schmitt trigger are indicated by red dots. (d) The ASDM output (blue) is passed through a zero-crossing detector to produce a sequence of trigger times . (e) A total of 131 trigger times were generated by the ASDM in response to five input triplets. (f)–(h) Identified filters (red), (green) and (blue) are shown together with the original filters , , (dashed black) and their projections , and (black). The MSE achieved by the identification algorithm is less than −60 dB.