Figure 10: Pictorial representation of the conjoint action of the compensation theory and the Hebbian rules for the structural rearrangement of the dentate gyrus favourable to epileptic seizures. (bottom row) DG circuitry represented schematically with connectivity level (axonal branches) and cell activity (colour intensity). (top row) Excitation and inhibition actions associated to the compensation theory (CT), the Hebbian rules (HR), and the nonsynaptic mechanisms (NS). The neuronal network states associated with the epilepsy induction states (resting, status epilepticus, latent, and epilepsy) are indicated in the top line. The inflammatory period is indicated and its effect on the Hebbian rules is highlighted in red. The mechanisms involved in the abnormal mossy fiber sprouting are indicated by the green dashed line. GC: granule cells; MC: mossy cells; IN: interneurons.