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Research Article

Neural Networks and Fault Probability Evaluation for Diagnosis Issues

Table 1

Set of faults specified for Benchmark actuator.

FaultDescriptionTime development

Valve clogging***
Valve or valve seat sedimentation**
Valve or valve seat erosion*
Increasing of valve or bushing friction*
External leakage*
Internal leakage (valve tightness)*
Medium cavity or critical flow***
Twisted servomotor’s rod***
Servomotor’s housing or terminals tightness*
Servomotor’s diaphragm perforation***
Servomotor’s spring fault**
Electropneumatic transducer fault***
Rod displacement sensor fault****
Pressure sensor fault***
Positioner spring fault*
Positioner lever fault***
Positioner supply pressure drop**
Unexpected change of pressure difference****
Fully or partly opened bypass valves***