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Research Article

Exploiting Language Models to Classify Events from Twitter

Table 2

ConceptNet model. (a) List of relations. (b) Samples of extracted relations.

MotivatedByGoal; CausesDesire; WordNet/ParticipleOf; MemberOf; HasA; NotDesires; UsedFor; AtLocation; Entails; DefinedAs; InstanceOf; HasPainIntensity; ReceivesAction; SimilarTo; RelatedTo; NotHasProperty; PartOf; HasLastSubevent; TranslationOf; HasProperty; NotHasA; CapableOf; WordNet/adverbPertainsTo; NotCapableOf; LocationOfAction; SimilarSize; HasPainCharater; HasContext; NotMadeOf; HasFirstSubevent; SymbolOf; LocatedNear; NotUsedFor; ObstructedBy; Desires; DerivedFrom; HasSubevent; MadeOf; Antonym; CreatedBy; Attribute; DesireOf; IsA; Causes


MadeOf AtLocation MotivatedByGoal ReceivesAction

Atomic bomb Uranium Nasa United states Fight war Freedom Bacteria Kill
Computer Silicon Alcoa Pittsburgh Get drunk Forget life Army tank Warfare
Gas Oil Tv channel Russia Pen Write letter Bread Cook
Song Music Aozora bank Japan Join army Defend country Candle Burn for light
Person Live cell Apartheid Mall Kill Hate someone Tomato Squash
Light Energy Golden gate Bridge Live life Pleasure Tobacco Chew
Carton Wax paper Art Gallery Sing Performance Supply Store
Chocolate Cocoa bean Audience Theatre Socialize Be popular Ruby Polish
Telephone Electronics Crab Coastal area Study Concentrate Money Loan
Window Glass Handgun Army Visit museum See history Life Save