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CDMBE: A Case Description Model Based on Evidence

Table 1

The key items of “Witness for the Prosecution.”


1AV murdered FJ00.11
2AV had a full capacity for criminal responsibility11C01
3ARight to life of F11P01
4AV had criminal motive and purpose11P00.91
5AV killed F11C00.11
6AV was normal21P01
7EV’s psychiatric expertise6111
8AV was at the criminal legal age21P01
9EV’s age certification8111
10AF died31P01
11EThe body of F10111
12AV had a motive for money41G00.91
13AV was poor120.9G00.96
14EV claimed to be poor130.911
15EOthers testified that V was poor130.911
16AV had a motive for money120.9P00.89
17AV consulted a line trip abroad160.9N00.99
18EV’s testimony170.911
19ETravel agency employee’s testimony17111
20AV was at the crime scene51G00.11
21AV admitted that he killed F201P00.26
22EChristine’s testimony210.9511
23AServant heard the talking between V and F201P00.21
24EServant heard the joking between V and F230.5211
25AF died of a hit from the back of her head by V51G00.45
26AThe bloodstain on V’s clothes was F’s 251P00.24
27EThe blood type on the clothes was the same as F’s260.9311
28AF died of a hit from the back of her head250.45G00.99
29EPolice Herne proved a fatal hit280.911
30AFrench’s head was hit by blunt281P01
31EThe medical report30111
32EV reported that he was not at the crime scene20−0.111
33AServant lied23−0.9G00.93
34EThe change of the will made V become the biggest beneficiary330.811
35AServant did not hear the joking330.95G00.96
36AServant was disabled in hearing350.9P01
37EServant applied for hearing aid36111
38AThe bedroom door was closed350.9P01
39EServant proved that the bedroom door was closed at that time38111
40AThe bloodstain on V’s clothes was his 26−0.8G00.95
41EV’s testimony: he injured while cutting bread400.511
42EV’s blood type was the same as F’s400.611
43EV had a scar on his hand400.9511
44AChristine lied about V confession to him and the time of coming back21−0.9P00.82
45AChristine said in a letter that he would perjure and elope with lover440.9P00.9
46AAll of the letters were written to his lover overseas450.9P01
47EA letter from Christine to his lover overseas46111