Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

A Neuroeconomics Analysis of Investment Process with Money Flow Information: The Error-Related Negativity

Table 1

The experimental stimuli of net money flow (S1) and the feedback (S2).

Positive net money flow (S1)Negative net money flow (S1)Increase (S2)Decrease (S2)No significant change (S2)

40 million−40 million+8.0%−8.0%+0.2%
42 million−42 million+8.2%−8.2%+0.4%
44 million−44 million+8.4%−8.4%+0.6%
46 million−46 million+8.6%−8.6%+0.8%
48 million−48 million+8.8%−8.8%+1.0%
50 million−50 million+9.0%−9.0%−0.2%
52 million−52 million+9.2%−9.2%−0.4%
54 million−54 million+9.4%−9.4%−0.6%
56 million−56 million+9.6%−9.6%−0.8%
58 million−58 million+9.8%−9.8%−1.0%