Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

A Neuroeconomics Analysis of Investment Process with Money Flow Information: The Error-Related Negativity

Table 2

The statistical results of within-subjects repeated measure ANOVA for ERN with factors Net money flow (positive/negative), response type (“to buy”/“not to buy”), and electrodes (Fz, FCz, Cz, CPz, and Pz).

Factordf, errorGreenhouse and Geisser

Main effect
 Net money flow1, 280.9310.343
 Response type1, 282.8590.102
 Electrodes4, 1120.47880.890
Interaction effect
 Interaction of net money flow and response type1, 2810.810.003
 Interaction of net money flow and electrodes4, 1120.4810.7940.453
 Interaction of response type and electrodes4, 1120.5332.60.079
 Interaction of net money response, response type, and electrodes4, 1120.4151.1660.33
Simple effect
 Net money flow in response of “to buy”1, 287.2940.012
 Net money flow in response of “not to buy”1, 288.4060.007